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Welcome to
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We are passionate about stringed instruments.

We – Susanne and David Zink – have turned our passion into our profession. Since 2015, we have been making, repairing and restoring all types of stringed instruments at our violin-making workshop. We produce violins, violas, cellos and double basses to the highest standards of craftsmanship, artistry and sound. Each of us has specialised in different instruments and we accompany our clients on a

one-to-one basis – from the first consultation to the handover of a high-quality instrument.


Apart from making new instruments, we also undertake detailed restorations, as well as smaller and larger repair work of all types of stringed instruments. At our workshop we of course provide you with a finished instrument that has been adjusted to the optimal tonal playability. We can also help you with wolf tone problems.


We offer a variety of consultation services and products, including strings, cases, rosin and further equipment. In sum: We are happy to provide detailed and informed answers to any questions about your instrument.


Currently we are gathering a variety of instruments – of different sizes – to make available for hire. Get in touch to find out whether we have the instrument you’re looking for.

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More information on wolf tones:


Instrument - Making

To produce our high-quality violins, violas, cellos and double basses, we use only the best, well-seasoned tonewoods. We also take care to use only a select quality of materials for all other components of our stringed instruments.


There are various ways of varnishing the instruments, depending on the customer’s wishes. The options range from a classic-traditional appearance or a vintage-look, to a modern shiny-varnished finish.  

At our workshop, we can also produce artistically decorated instruments. Further, we can create a copy of your favourite instrument.


Are you interested in any of the instruments in the photos? Or are you generally on the look-out for your dream instrument? We look forward to hearing

from you.


Repairs &

From regular servicing or urgent repairs to complex restoration: at our workshop, we offer an entire range of services. 


We take the utmost care to inspect every instrument in detail. We determine the precise repairing or restoration process together with the musician/owner. Absolute precision is of course central to every step of the way. We are also open to any special customer requests.


In case of damage, we offer support in communicating with the relevant insurance company.

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Susanne & David Zink

Susanne Zink (née Puchelt) succesfully completed her violin-making training at the official university of applied sciences for instrument-making in Mittenwald, Germany. During her time as a trainee (at Bassico, Munich) and as an intern at various double bass-makers, she started specialising in the deeper stringed instruments.


During her studies at the Markneukirchen University of Applied Sciences*, Susanne Zink achieved her Master Certificate (the highest level for vocational training in Germany). She also worked (among others) with Björn Stoll (Markneukirchen, Germany), Christer Berglund (Uppsala, Sweden) und Philip Brown (Newbury, England).


Taking part in workshops given by Anna Ediger and Jean-Jacques Faßnacht, she was able to expand her abilities in repairing and restoration work.


Susanne Zink plays cello and double bass herself, and has gained expertise in wolf tone problems.

Areas of specialisation:

→ New instrument-making, repairs, restoration and → delicate tonal adjustments of cellos and

→ double basses

→ Instrument consultations

→ Equipment consultations

* West Saxon University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau, Schneeberg Faculty of Applied Arts, Musical Instrument Making course of study in Markneukirchen


David Zink completed his traineeship with Kolja Lochmann in Freiburg.

During his studies at the Markneukirchen University of Applied Sciences, he worked (among others) at his traineeship workplace and with Robert König. Later he also worked with Michael Stürzenhofecker and continued his work with Kolja Lochmann.


He successfully completed his violin-making Master Certificate (the highest level for vocational training

in Germany) as top place in his year and was awarded the title ‘best instrument’. At the 8th inter- national competition for violin-making of Mittenwald, he achieved 4th place, and best German entry, for

a cello that he made.


David Zink designs and makes his instruments following the examples of the old Italian masters.


Areas of specialisation:

→ New instrument-making, repairs and restorations → of violins, violas and cellos

→ Instrument consultations

→ Delicate tonal adjustments



* West Saxon University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau, Schneeberg Faculty of Applied Arts, Musical Instrument Making course of study in Markneukirchen


Contact | +49 176 611 50 768 | Leopoldring 5, 79098 Freiburg i.B.

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​Appointments only by appointment:

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